Since 2016 fall, very Tuesday professional bouldering Gym Graviton is free for all MassSAC members and very Thursday professional Toprope climbing Gym IVY also free for our members. If it is still not enough for you, UM sports climbing wall always welcomes you everyday if there isn’t occupied by a lesson. What’s more, we also have training given by experienced climbers Once a week either in Graviton or in IVY. More details could be found on our Facebook page.

Whatever your level is, participating in the training will always improve your climbing skills!

The training plans of 2016 Autumn as follows:

Day Date Program Instructor Location
Thursday 08-Sep training Emile Ivy
Thursday 15-Sep training Emile Ivy
Tuesday 20-Sep training Rachel Graviton
Tuesday 27-Sep training Rachel Graviton
Thursday 06-Oct training Emile Ivy
Thursday 13-Oct training Emile Ivy
Tuesday 18-Oct training Rachel Graviton
Tuesday 25-Oct training Rachel Graviton
Thursday 03-Nov training Emile Ivy
Thursday 10-Nov training Emile Ivy
Monday 14-Nov technique Loek USC
Tuesday 15-Nov training Rachel Graviton
Monday 21-Nov technique Loek USC
tuesday 22-Nov training Rachel Graviton
monday 28-Nov technique Loek USC
tuesday 29-Nov training Rachel Graviton
Thursday 08-Dec training Emile Ivy
monday 12-Dec technique Loek USC
Thursday 15-Dec training Emile Ivy