The Climbing and Education committee organizes some climbing courses every year. This page will give you some more information about this courses. If you want to join a course you have to be a member of the MaasSAC first, you can do this by sending an email to


Basic course

This course will be given in the beginning of the academic year for every new member. Every new member has to follow this course to be allowed to climb in the climbing gym without an instructor watching. We’ll teach you the basics of indoor towrope climbing but also some other things, like abseiling. This course is for free.

Climbing techniques course for beginners

This course will be given by Loek or Rasjel. Whether you are already an experienced climber or you are just a new member, this course will always increase your climbing level. The course will be four climbing evenings in the climbing gym. During these four evenings you will learn how to climb better, nicer and more efficient. We try to offer the course for free! More information will be provided. If you already have questions, you can always send an e-mail to the klimop!


Advanced climbing techniques course

This is a climbing technique course for people with some more experience/a higher climbing level. The course will be given by Loek or Rasjel. You have to have a minimum climbing level of 6b. This course will learn you some tips/tricks to even further increase you climbing level. As with the other course; we try to offer the course for free! More information will be provided!


Indoor lead-climbing course (VKCH):

During the VKCH (VoorKlimCursus Hal) you will learn everything about lead-climbing indoors. This course is divided over three evenings. Things you will learn:

  • Clipping quickdraws extremely fast.
  • Management of the position of your feet and the rope while climbing.
  • Setting up a tope-rope after leading a route.
  • Belaying a lead climber (“spotten”, giving the proper amount of slack, arresting a fall).
  • Relaxing while falling ;) .
  • Setting up a belay (“Stand” in Dutch)

In order to participate in this course you have to be able to climb a long 5 in Neoliet without any problems (that is, climb it in once without hanging in the rope).
Besides, the course is obligatory if you want to take part in the outdoor lead-climbing course (VKCB).


Rescue-technique course

During the rescue-technique course you will learn all the relevant techniques for a rescue while rock-climbing. Techniques you will learn:

  • Ascending and descending a rope with your prusik
  • Express Flaschenzug
  • Schweizer Flaschenzug
  • Selbstseilrolle

This course ends with a little exam about all the techniques mentioned above.
Besides, the course is onlyaccesible if you are participating in the outdoor lead-climbing course (VKCB).


Outdoor lead-climbing course (VKCB):

During the VKCB (VoorKlimCursus Buiten) you will learn everything about climbing on real rock/outside. When you pass the exam at the end of the course you are officially a lead climber (advo). As an advo you know everything needed to go climbing outdoor safely with another advo. This course is divided over three weekends, the last weekend is the exam-weekend, and all the weekends will take place in Belgium. There is also a extra weekend, in case you missed one weekend or you failed the exam. Things you will learn:

  • All the techniques from the VKCH and RTC but then in an outdoor situation.
  • All techniques needed for multi-pitch climbing.
  • Setting the rope to descend the rock by the rope.
  • Instructing a beginner.
  • Finding a route in the topo and on the rock.
  • Time management while climbing.
  • Organizing your own climbing trip.
  • What to pack when you go climbing.

Besides, the KlimOp would like to make sure that:

  1. MaasSAC needs instructors (that is SKBs/SKIs)!
  2. Actually it is not that hard to become SKB/SKI.
  3. MaasSAC pays the education to become SKB/SKI.
  4. We really feel like helping you to become SKB/SKI, please contact us when you want to become SKB/SKI!

If you would like to join a basic course you can send an email to

If you are a MaasSAC member and you would like to subscribe for a course you can send an email to