Would you like to know MaasSAC a little better?  And would you like to know what climbing is about?  Then you our right to join our introweekend! You do not have to be a MaasSAC-member yet and there is no experience or materials required, just loads of enthusiasm. Every year the MaasSAC goes on a nice outdoor weekend somewhere in the rocks of Belgium or Germany. In the introweekend we will go climbing outdoors, do some mountain biking or kayaking, slacklining and have a nice beer by the campfire. Furthermore you will get to know a lot of other people who like the outdoors as well.


The event for this year 2016 is currently planned and will take place 24 to 25 September.
Normally the weekend costs around €55 which includes transport, lunch and diner on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday, a place to sleep and all the nice activities!

If you want more information about MaasSAC send an email to ic@maassac.nl.